New Calgary Hospital, South Health Campus, Open To Patients


Calgary’s newest hospital is open and ready for business.

The doors of the South Health Campus emergency department swung open for the first time to the public Monday morning, welcoming more than 160 staff to their first day serving the city at the new facility.

According to the Calgary Herald, several other units open today as well, including mental health emergency services, cardiac diagnostics and the bone and joint cast clinic.

The hope is that the new ER will help ease some of the burden felt at other hospitals dealing with a space crunch from a rash of people seeking treatment for the flu and Norovirus.

Over the next several month we will be updating our site to provide information on the developing community around Calgary South Health Campus.


We will be providing progress information about the services available at the Calgary South Health Campus, Career and Employment Opportunities, Real Estate and Accomidations in the Area, Services, Shopping and Amenitiesn the Area.

If you require additional information please let us know!



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